Greetings from VA, soon to be TX

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Matt McGee

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Hello, Currently my family and I live in Lynchburg, VA and we are about to head to the DFW area in Texas by the end of December.

I have been reformed for several years and just slowing growing in my understanding. About a year ago we left a Calvary Chapel of which we attended for many years and have been at a small Reformed Baptist church for much of the time since.

I am looking forward to the conversations ahead.


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Welcome to town - do you know where you will be locating in the Metroplex?

The DFW area may have the broadest range of reformed options available anywhere. Reformed Baptists can be found in congregations ranging from smaller to megachurch, and there are even more options for Prebyterians, from smaller, strictly confessional churches to multi-thousand member more broadly reformed (particularly on the Dallas side - fewer options on the Fort Worth side).

If you haven't located a residence yet, if no one has told you yet, school district lines do not conform to city limits. Avoid the Dallas school district (DISD) even if you don't have school aged children or plan to home or private school - it has been troubled for years, although there are a few good magnet schools. If you want more information on neighborhoods or churches, send me a private message.


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Welcome to the PB, and to Texas! As you can see, we are blessed to have a variety of reformed bodies here in the DFW area. The Lord seems to be raising up several congregations hungry for the Reformed Faith, so I pray that you will be useful in the building up of God's Kingdom here. If you ever need any local assistance, don't hesitate to ask any of us Texans on this thread! :welcome:
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