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  1. BRK

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    Hello everyone!

    I come from the non-denominational denomination of independent fundamental Baptists with a strong KJV-only, dispensational subscription. I discovered Reformed theology over the past year through private Scripture readings and the writings of Reformed men that lead me closer and closer to the Doctrines of Grace and the sovereignty of God in salvation. At first unpalatable, it became the sweetest revelation of God's glory that I have ever been taught. I had attended a church as described above my whole life, but after studying the basics of Reformed theology and being convicted of its Scriptural merits, I began visiting a PCA church the end of last year with my wife. We have been attending service for several months now and are consistently edified by the liturgy of the church. We are on a path to become official members of the session, which we are very excited about!

    I am at present still learning the Reformed system through the Westminster Standards and from other resources, including the Puritan Board. I am happy to be a member here so that I can converse with and learn from other like-minded brothers and sisters.

    Thank you for having me! :)
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  2. Seeking_Thy_Kingdom

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  3. Jeri Tanner

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    Welcome Joshua! The Lord has done great things for you.
  4. Ed Walsh

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    Welcome, brother. And praise the Lord your recent gain of yet more freedom in the precious blood-bought free grace of our great God. Free to us, that is. Freedom purchased at an incomprehensible cost to our Lord Jesus. The Savior of the World.
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    Welcome to the board, Joshua!
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  7. Edward

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  8. jwithnell

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    Welcome! I was introduced as a baby believer to reformed teachings and, most importantly, to interpret scripture with scripture. All these, ahem, many years later, I am still learning! This board has been a great assistance.
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  12. BRK

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    Thank you everyone for the kind regards!

    Ed, it is remarkable to me that I feel more freedom in the Lord in light of Reformed theology than I thought. I had previously been taught and supposed that a sovereign God would be a fatalistic God, which would be contrary to Scripture. However, I understand the freedom we have in Christ is solely by grace and that the will in bondage to sin cannot please God.

    Jean, in the background I grew up in, interpreting scripture with scripture was done through piecemeal exegesis. What I mean by this is that the sermons I am used to are those in which the preacher jumps around to various texts in a topical sermon to demonstrate a thesis. This was justified by 2 Timothy 2:15 (below), notably requiring the KJV language of "dividing", which was also used as a base text for the dispensational hermeneutic. Unfortunately, I think that this opens the door to private interpretation and eisegesis by stepping out of the grammatical and historical context of the passage. With the expository preaching I have been exposed to through the PCA church, the Word of God speaks emphatically and is more edifying than I ever imagined.

    2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV)
    15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

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