Greetings from Southern Maryland

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Ken Abbott

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My name is Ken Abbott. I've been reading the Puritanboard as a lurker for about two years now and decided it was time to take my participation to the next level.

I worship with Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Davidsonville, just south of Annapolis--as a matter of fact, we're a daughter church of Annapolis Evangelical Presbyterian Church. I serve as a ruling elder (currently on sabbatical, but about to go back on Session) and teacher of adult Sunday school. In my spare time, I have a private oncology practice in Calvert County.

Thanks to all who have written such informative and thoughtful posts at this site.


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Greetings Ken! I am a neighbor here in Gambrills, MD...fellow Anne Arundel County community. Welcome to the PB.


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Howdy Ken.

I hope our arrival will not drive down the price of the rest of the property.

Grace and Peace,


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