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Good Evening, Fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am currently an Active Duty Naval Officer stationed in the San Diego area, and have been lurking on this forum for many months now. I don't usually have much time to check more than a few posts a week. Although my activity has been sparse, the level of knowledge and insight from many posts on this forum has been invigorating.

I was raised in a Roman Catholic household, with a family that had a hard time committing to going to church every Sunday, and often prayed for little more than relief from financial burdens of the day. My sister and I were encouraged to attend Confirmation class during high school, but we never finished because my parents couldn't commit to getting us to the class on time. After high school, I dabbled a bit in research of other religions, having had my fill with lukewarm Christianity. I found inspiration in a stint with the Navigators at my campus, and that spark kept me involved in understanding a more Evangelical approach to Christianity. Through friends, I also attended Episcopal, UCC and Baptist services.

Through many different career paths during college, I experienced many ups and downs. It was at one of my most terrible moments while driving home after one especially tumultuous experience at work, that I saw the clouds open above me, with the sun shining down. It was like something truly out of a movie - I still have a hard time describing just how captivating it was. At that moment, I realized that I must give my life to God and serving Him and His Eternal Will. At the time, I had begun looking into military service, but wasn't sure of what branch to join or what kind of job I wanted to apply for. After that moment, I felt a strong pull to work towards becoming a Chaplain. Since that time, this goal has remained firmly in my mind, and not other occupation comes close to the desire I have to fulfill a call to the Chaplaincy.

I'm not in the Chaplain Corps currently, but have researched many seminaries and spoken to many Chaplains through my brief time in the Navy. I intend to begin seminary studies (hopefully) next Fall, depending on where my next command will be located. I have been truly blessed to be working with my fellow Officer community as well as the Enlisted community at a rather small command, and have been a Command Lay Leader for nearly a year now. I'd love to chat more with anyone who has been in the service, is currently pursuing seminary, or has some good advice about solid Reformed theological resources and texts. I've been reading Calvin, Spurgeon, Mohler, Pink, Sproul and Tozier, and look forward to many more authors to come. I look forward to speaking and interacting with you all! God Bless!


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Heart warming to read of your pilgrimage. Welcome, and looking forward to your contributions.


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Welcome! I think there is at least one other board member with chaplain experience.
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