Greetings from Los Angeles!

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Hi All! Greetings!

I'm a member of the the Pasadena OPC in Pasadena, CA. I'm from China. English is my second language. I was baptized in a baptist church in China couple years ago. I was introduced to the reformed faith in 2017. I loved the reformed teaching ever since!

I'm so grateful that God has nurtured me in his Word, and I'm so glad I'm able to understand English in worship and in fellowship. I'm also involved and supporting a Chinese-speaking reformed church in Anaheim, CA. (, sorry it's all in Chinese, but it has many good sermons.)

I have been delving into learning the history of the church. I've always been interested in historical accounts since I was little. I'm also avidly learning to read in English more fluently. I do think my independent reading ability is still at an undesirable level, which hindering myself from enjoying many excellent books written by Christians but are not translated into Chinese.

I'm currently a local public school special education teacher in LA. I sought my career to be both challenging and rewarding. I've been also eagerly exploring Christian educational approaches recently, and hopefully to homeschool my own kids in the future (we don't have kids yet).

My husband and I have been planning to move to another state for a more friendly housing market and a less stressful life, but we know God has his plan for us, and we trust in God for his guidance for us.

Greetings on the day of our resurrected Lord!


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Welcome to the PuritanBoard from soggy Southern California! I commute into LA every day too (normally, like everyone, I've been stuck at home for 3 weeks).


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Greetings. The OPC is generally a very strong denomination. The PCA has some excellent churches but also ones which should be avoided. So if you move to an area where the OPC isn't well represented by the PCA is, you might check back with the folks here.

Are you all looking for an area with an established Chinese community, or the alternative? There is a large Chinese community where i live and in some of the surrounding communities.
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