Great Patriotic Resource - American Reference Library

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Independence Day +1 - Great resource! I have this and have profited greatly from it. If anyone homeschools - this one's for you!


Instantly access the largest library of historical and offical documents ever assembled on one CD-ROM
Outstanding learning aid for students, parents, and citizens
Powered by the award-winning Folio Views text search software
Quicky and easily find exactly what you are looking for

" ...a marvelous product one that combines a vast storehouse of American political documents with a very powerful and flexible search engine"
- Professor Kenneth Janda
(Northwestern University)

" No other research tool puts so much of American political history at your fingertips & does so at so affordable a price. "
- Dr. Scott James
(Political Sicence Dept., UCLA)

"I'm a political talk show host & your disc is absolutely indispensable . I wish I were a teacher again so I could share this with a class of eager young minds . You're a friend for life ."
- Jan Mickelson
(WHO Radio)

Over 55,000 documents including:

Presidential Papers (110,000+ pages, Over 100 Volumes)
Supreme Court Collection , 1000 decisions (1793 - 1997)
U.S. Congress Collection (17 works)
Documents and Histories (42 volumes - 16,000 pages)
National Party Platforms (1840 - 1996)
Constitution Reference (19 works)
Western Civilization (11 works)
Founding Fathers (12 volumes)
Quotes Collection (12,000 quotations)

Review by Frank Beeman and Mary Pride
Reprinted from Practical Homeschooling Magazine

The creators of the American Reference Library have compiled a virtual encyclopedia of American history and government into one CD-ROM. You get over 160,000 pages of material, from original source documents to essays and books on American political culture. In all, the disc includes the complete text of 260 books and over 800 research papers , all on the subjects of classic and contemporary history and politics.

All this makes the American Reference Library a gold mine of resources on U.S. History . With this tool on your shelf, you will be able to confidently teach and study our hsitory, from printing out source documents to read to your preschooler, to getting a teen ready to take the Advanced Placement U.S. History exam . In fact, two of our teens are using it for just that purpose!

It's very easy to use . Organized in a searchable database format, you can easily search and find information throughout the disc. Just type the keyword or phrase you want, and up pops a list of selections that include the word or phrase. It's the easiest way possible to find out what hundereds of great Americans (and foreign visitors) have had to say on a topic. Eye-opening! Or, if you prefer, use this as a super-inexpensive library , and read through one book or article a time at your leisure.

This CD-ROM collection is almost over-whelming. As a reference program that gives you access to original material , it is excellent. The interface is simple, the data is easy to find, and it's well researched. If you're looking for a U.S. history and civics tool you can use throughout your child's entire education, this is the program for you .
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