Great News for Preachers (not)

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My friend Tom, a PCA pastor in Arizona, posted this on his blog this morning. As if the word of God was not being diluted enough in many pulpits today... :rolleyes:

You too can save tons of time writing your sermons" was the tag line on an email the automatically went to my junk mail file. I believe you will see why as you read it.

"[link deleted] is the monthly sermon subscription service that will revolutionize the way you do ministry! Imagine always being prepared a month in advance with complete sermon manuscripts and accompanying Powerpoint files, all in relevant, biblically based, series."

"Your congregation will be blessed as you preach the Word with power, ministering to their needs and equipping them to fulfill their calling."

"How does it work? With your Annual Sermon Subscription you will receive 12 months of quality sermon material in Word, RTF, and PowerPoint formats. Each month we will send you a new username and password to access your sermons online."

Wow, just think of it, no more having to wrestle with hard texts, no more digging deep into God's Word, just read the outline and show the slides and I'll have preaching power and meet the needs of the congregation. NOT! That's not preaching but plagiarizing and pandering. God deliver us from such folly and fakers. There is no excuse for laziness in sermon preparation. It does not honor the Lord, it is not faithful to our calling as pastors, and it certainly does not serve our congregations well. Personally, I hope the venture fails, but given the climate of emergent and seeker sensitive churches I suspect it will be a whopping success.


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if we had a pastor do this..I'd have encourage our elders to get the pastor to turn from such laziness of God's word--or leave that church..


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These kinds of services have been available for years now through and others. There are two full-time Pastors in my little town alone who more often than not preach sermons written by someone else and do not tell the congregation! How do I know? Listen to their sermons available at their website and Google one of the catchy phrases. Without much work you will see that exact sermon posted somewhere.

My question for those who do not write their own sermons... WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR TIME? What are you getting paid for? Is the Holy Spirit dead that He cannot speak to you anymore? Don't your sheep have specific needs that some guy at a website is not aware of? There are many bivocational pastors out there that write their own sermons.



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Wow, we wouldn't even need preachers. The cleaning lady could stand up there and give the sermon, "ministering to their needs and equipping them to fulfill their calling."
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