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Welcome to De Regno Christi, a new web discussion site to advance discussion and awareness of Christ's reign over the nations. This site is a corollary of a column in the Reformed Presbyterian Witness magazine. Each month, some of what appears in the magazine will be posted here, along with a lot more material from a distinguished panel of contributors. We invite you to participate in the discussion and in glorifying the King of all nations.

My thanks to Pastors Bill Chellis and Bill Edgar, the column's editors, in their groundbreaking work in this endeavor. This blog was Pastor Chellis' brainchild. As you might expect with any endeavor of this sort, the comments expressed are those of the particular authors and not necessarily those of the column editors or the magazine.

Drew Gordon, editor
Reformed Presbyterian Witness

Contributors include:

Gregory Baus
William Chellis
Kevin L. Clauson
Thomas Copeland
William Edgar
John Fielding
Richard C. Gamble
David Guthrie
Harold B. Harrington
Darryl Hart
Peter Leithart
Caleb Stegall
David M. VanDrunen

They range from Neo-Calvinist, Covenanter, theonomic, two-kingdom, etc.

Great interaction and the comments are as good as the entries.
Not open for further replies.