Grace Chapel Fixed Audio for Call In at Lord's Day Service

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
Greetings - as a notation, Grace Chapel has had call in ability for our worship service since before the pandemic. (see the front page of for dial-in info)
We have personally had services consistently, except for inclement weather, or some illness, and invited people to listen who may not be able to get to church due to illness or weather themselves.

Some people have dialed in, but they have experienced an audio issue (which we just found out about last week). It seems the noise from the air handler and the preaching / singing, vie for control of the speaker on the cell phone we use for Free Conference Call each week. That makes the words cut out and in because the speaker does not know which "things" to listen to, the humming of the air handler or the preaching / singing, and it tends to make it hard to listen since words are missed.

We remedied that this week by adding a mic that plugs directly into the phone and we set it on a stand in front of the pulpit. We still may have to move it around to find the best spot, but the audio for the dial in on this was excellent this week - I listened to this myself after the service and was very pleased.

Sadly, I'm sure people have not dialed back in because of the difficulty of hearing over the past few months, but it is now resolved. Just a notation in case your church may have the same issue, and to let everyone know the service can be listened do without difficulty.
I bought a $40 microphone to use with my laptops when I cover on tech for our Sunday School class. One of the members of the class uses his personal paid Zoom account for the session (and another member has a paid account if backup is needed. I've offered to buy one if needed. If any of the members have one, that might be worth considering.

If interactive isn't needed, you might look at live streaming on YouTube, but I have no experience with that.
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