Got a call from John Piper this morning!

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When we lived in Russia and were still learning the language and catching only half of the sermons we heard, we would listen to various other pastors throughout the week. My seven-year-old son Isaiah, who has spina bifida and many other special needs would start requesting certain pastors and sermons. His understanding is that of a three-year-old, but who knows what the Lord is doing in that little heart of his.

Recently, Isaiah had one of his many surgeries to extend some metal rods he has in his back. As he was coming out of the anesthesia he asked us for "Piper" which means he wants one of Pastor John's video podcasts on the iPad. So we set it up for him and he quickly calmed down. I took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook for some friends.

Well apparently a friend of mine passed it on to Desiring God Ministries, and this morning I had a phone call from Minnesota. It was John Piper himself calling wanting to find out how Isaiah was doing and to thank him for encouraging his ministry!

I'm not one for "Christian celebrity", but I thought that was an extremely kind and thoughtful thing to do. He made my sons day!



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Very cool indeed.

I think I might have something to learn from little Isaiah in this, too. Little dude comes out of surgery and immediately wants to hear God's Word preached.


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First that was a class A act of Mr. Piper.

Second, your son might have a gift in much later years.

You sir have a blessing on your hands as I'm sure you know.

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What a blessing it is to see a child desirous of hearing the Word. That pic brought tears to my eyes.

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