Gospel Partnerships In Bangalore, India

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Hi all
I am a church planter in Bangalore city, My family, my wife and two children are currently in the process of planting a church called The Local community Church. The focus of the plant is to work among non Christians in my neighbourhood through interactions and Bible studies, and praying that they will come to the knowledge of Christ.
Our desire is to have more reformed churches in our city/ state and country, for this purpose I am looking for reformed churches and partners who can come alongside us and we along with them and the church in making it possible for reformed churches.
There are currently 3 English speaking (incl. ours) and about 7 regional language speaking Churches under the Presbytery.
if anyones interested to partner, please let me know thanks.


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My wife and I are currently in Kathmandu. We have found a similar situation in southern Nepal. A small group of Presbyterian and Reformed Baptists have banded together in a loose Church federation to encourage each other and help foster more like minded Gospel preaching congregations.
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