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The Lord has been bringing the book of Job to my attention constantly and used it powerfully during current suffering. I want to study it in-depth and possibly even teach it at our Bible College.

I have a number of commentaries and other resources but what I don't have are any good examples of the book being taught. I've not taught a wisdom book before, nor a book with 42 chapters (with much repetition in the middle).

Does anyone know of any good sermons or teaching series through the book? I'm looking for practical application from the text, not only technical studies. I'm particularly concerned with putting the book in it's place in the Biblical story, understanding how it fits in Wisdom Literature, and most importantly, seeing how the book points to Christ (without illegitimately allegorizing or spiritualizing).

Also, any other recommended resources (books, articles) would be a huge blessing.

I have the following:

Sermons on Job - John Calvin
Commentaries - Hywel Jones, Clines (WBC vol 1-2), Francis Andersen, John Hartley, Meredith Kline
How Long Oh Lord - Carson
The Argument of the Book of Job Unfolded - Green

Then a few teachings from Hywel Jones and John Piper. This is the area that I'm lacking the most in.

Thank you and God bless

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I'm also looking into the following books and would love to hear if anyone would recommend them, particularly if they might 'fill a gap' in the resources I already have.

Old Testament Wisdom Literature - Bartholomew & O'Dowd

The Beginning and End of Wisdom: Preaching Christ from the First and Last Chapters of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job - O'Donnell
If you want audio sermons, go to Sermon Audio and look up Joseph Pipa; there are quite a few sermons on Job by him there.
Pastor Geoff Banister has preached an extensive series on the Book of Job. He has somewhat specialized in the book.
Sadly many are not available today. He has been selected as the commentator on the book of Job for a project on the KJV with solidly Reformed footnotes/cross references that is planned for the future.

There are some of his sermons available here.
Some are listed here Geoff Banister Sermons -
If you can wait until August, when it's supposed to be published, Tremper Longman III's new commentary on Job should be greatly worthwhile.
Thank you to all the replies. I've downloaded a few of Pipa's chapel messages on Job, they look great. I'll also check out all the other suggestions.

Does anyone have any pointers for understanding how Job fits in as OT Wisdom Literature, and does that fact really play a part in our understanding of it?
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