God shall pluck every plant from the Church He has not planted.

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    The quotes below are three excerpts from the sermon, What Repentance Of National Sins Doth God Require As Ever We Expect National Mercies? The sermon was preached by the Puritan, Daniel Williams as part of the famous Morning Exercises at Cripplegate. It is a timely sermon that the Church would do well to consider the doctrines expounded.



    Such an awful dispensation seems necessary to purge the church, and lay a good foundation of its real and lasting glory. This will be a means to convince false and irreligious Protestants, that “said they were Jews, and were not.” (Rev. 3:9.) It will pluck up every plant out of the church which God hath not planted. Hereby all constitutions repugnant to Christ’s interests will be overthrown. Without such a paroxysm, how should degenerated Christianity recover itself? how shall the power of reforming the church be rescued out of the hands of such who hate its purity and spiritual welfare?

    The land is full of sin, after all the means which were sent to cleanse us. The fire hath devoured, yet our dross remains. The plague hath in its rage swept away thousands, yet the provocations of England abate not. How oft hath the Lord cried, “Wilt thou not be clean? when shall it once be?” (Jer. 13:27.) But we have held fast our several iniquities.

    Lord! what will the end of these things be? Wilt thou always bear, and seem to observe, our provocations, as slightily as we do? Alas! this would make us more miserable than God’s sorest rebukes. Judgments more awful than any we have yet felt, are become even necessary to our happiness; but though they be needful, what heart can endure them? What terror must attend those dispensations which will separate the precious from the vile; pluck up constitutions so rooted by interest, custom, malignity, and ignorance; disable the irreligious from settling church or state; and embitter our reigning sins to careless, scornful, and resolute offenders!

    Nichols, James. Puritan Sermons. Vol. 4. Wheaton, IL: Richard Owen Roberts, Publishers, 1981. Print.

    The full sermon can be read at the link below.
    https://books.google.com/books?id=SeMEAAAAQAAJ&pg=PA585&lpg=PA585&dq=Daniel+Williams+WHAT+REPENTANCE+OF+NATIONAL+SINS+DOTH+GOD+REQUIRE+AS+EVER+WE+EXPECT+NATIONAL+MERCIES?&source=bl&ots=yRGMWoGo46&sig=ACfU3U1nMbtTyk0CgP02O90ULJNhYX1YWw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwijs7-WkLfoAhXJWc0KHcuYBEIQ6AEwAnoECAcQAQ#v=onepage&q=Daniel Williams WHAT REPENTANCE OF NATIONAL SINS DOTH GOD REQUIRE AS EVER WE EXPECT NATIONAL MERCIES?&f=false
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