God May Give A Man Many Things And Yet Hate Him.

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That spiritual pipe

(Thomas Watson, "Christ All in All")

"Christ is all in all." Colossians 3:11

All good things are transmitted and conveyed
to us, through Christ. As our rich commodities,
such as jewels and spices, come to us by the
sea, so all heavenly blessings sail to us through
the red sea of Christ's blood!

Christ is that spiritual pipe through which the
golden oil of mercy empties itself into the soul!

Christ is all in all. He is a treasury and storehouse
of all spiritual riches! You may go with the bee,
from flower to flower—and suck a little sweetness
here and there—but you will never have enough
until you come to Christ—for He is all in all.
There is enough in Christ . . .
to scatter all our fears,
to remove all our burdens,
to supply all our needs.

"The unsearchable riches of Christ." Ephesians 3:8

There can be no defect, in that which is infinite.

Christ is the most supreme good. Put what you will
in the balance with Christ—He infinitely outweighs it.

Christ is the most sufficient good. He who has Christ
needs no more. He who has the ocean—needs not
the cistern.

Christ is the most suitable good. In Him dwells
all fullness, Colossians 1:19. Christ is whatever
the soul can desire. Christ is . . .
beauty to adorn,
gold to enrich,
balm to heal,
bread to strengthen,
wine to comfort,
salvation to crown!

Christ sweetens all our comforts. He who has
Christ may say, "This mercy is given to me by
the hand of my Savior! This is a love-token
from Him—a pledge of glory!"

Christ sanctifies all our crosses. They shall be
medicinal to the soul; they shall work sin out—
and work grace in. Christ sees to it that His
people lose nothing in the furnace of affliction
—but their drossy impurities.

Christ is the most rare blessing. Christ is a jewel
that few are enriched with. This should both raise
our esteem of Him—and quicken our pursuit after
Him. Many hear of Christ—but few have Him. Many
have Christ sounded in their ears—but few who
have Christ formed in their hearts.

Christ is the most choice good. God shows more
love in giving us Christ—than in giving us crowns
and kingdoms! God may give a man many worldly
things—and hate him. God may give others a little
gold and silver—but if He gives you Christ, He
gives you all that ever He had!

Without Christ, nothing else is good. Without Christ,
health is not good; it is fuel for lust. Without Christ,
riches are not good; they are golden snares. Without
Christ, ordinances are not good; they are as breasts
without milk. Without Christ, they will damn us.
Millions go to hell, loaded with ordinances.

Make Christ all, in your affections. Desire nothing but
Christ. He is the aggregation of all good things. Why
should the soul desire less? How can it desire more?
Love nothing but Christ. Love is the choicest affection;
it is the richest jewel the creature has to bestow. Oh,
if Christ is all—love Him better than all! He who is all,
let Him have all. Give Him your love—who desires it
most, and deserves it best.

Oh, Christian, have you seen the Lord Jesus? Has this
morning-star shone into your heart with its enlightening,
quickening beams? Then rejoice and be exceeding glad!
Shall others rejoice in the world—and will not you rejoice
in Christ! How much better is He than all other things!
It reflects disparagement upon Christ—when His saints
are sad and drooping. Is not Christ yours? What more
would you have!

Be thankful for Christ. God has done more for you in
giving you Christ—than if He had made you angels,
or had given you the whole world! God cannot give
a greater gift than Christ—who is all in all.

Here is a breast of comfort to every believer—Christ
is all. When a Christian sees a deficiency in himself,
he may see an all-sufficiency in his Savior! He who
has Christ, has no lack—for "Christ is all!"

In the hour of death, a believer may rejoice. When he
leaves all—he is possessed of all. A godly man say, "I
fear not death, because I have Christ to go to! Death
will but carry me to that torrent of divine pleasure,
which runs at His right hand forevermore!" I have the
desire to depart and be with Christ—which is far better!"
Philippians 1:23
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