Glossary of Reformed Acronyms

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Puritanboard Commissioner
EPC. Evangelical Presbyterian Church
SRSB. Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible
CVBBS. Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service
CBD. Christian Book Distributors
BTS. Bahnsen Theological Seminary, Biblical Theological Seminary
SCCCS. Southern California Center for Christian Studies
ARBCA. Association of Reformed Baptist Churches in America
FIRE. Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals
MARS. Mid-America Reformed Seminary
PCUS. Presbyterian Church in the United States (Old S. Pres. church)
PCCSA. Presbyterian Church in the Confederate States of America
RPCES. Reformed Presbyterian Church Evangelical Synod (joined PCA in 1982)
NWTS. Northwest Theological Seminary
FH. Framework Hypothesis
NASB. New American Standard Bible
RV. Revised Version
ASV. American Standard Version
PCRT. Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology
RSB. Reformation Study Bible
CVT. Cornelius Van Til
ML-J. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
TFU. Three Forms of Unity
HC. Heidelberg Catechism

SBC is Southern Baptist Convention BTW, not Conference.


Puritan Board Graduate
"URC. United Reformed Church
"URCNA. United Reformed Church of North America (same as URC)"

should read as follows:

URC. United Reformed Church. United Reformed Churches in North America.
URCNA. United Reformed Churches in North America.
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