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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher

5 Marks of Christian Resolve by C. Matthew McMahon

There is no real commendability in a mere resolve. If Christians resolve to do something, and never actually get around to doing it, what good is that? A weak and wobbling resolution in this way, holds in it nothing of real value. But if Christians desire to glorify the living Christ in their kingdom service, then such service does, truly, come in light of biblical resolution.

For a true and Spirit-guided resolution to take place, the Christian mind considers many things. All Spirit-filled Christians turn all resolving powers into execution. Having a resolve to do something is a wonderful beginning. It ties two parts of a duty together for the Christian; to resolve and to do. Being resolved as a Christian, sets forth a deliberation of the mind about the thing to be resolved on. No wise Christian will ever resolve to do anything until he has considered the action, and weighed it in the balance of Scripture with himself, and fully debated its necessity and expedience.

How might a Christian be resolved in the work of doing good always before God? And in what main categories might resolution take place? In considering a holy resolve, a fixed determination of serving King Jesus, this book will cover five marks: Mark 1: resolved to do great works for the glory of God in everything. Mark 2: resolved to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. Mark 3: resolved to reject all earthlimindedness. Mark 4: resolved to righteously use the means of grace for further sanctification as Christ prescribes. Mark 5: resolved to continue to do good without growing weary.

Table of Contents
This work covers the following five marks of devotion to God:

Introduction: What is it to be Resolved?
MARK 1: Resolved to Do Great Works for the Glory of God
MARK 2: Resolved to Contend for the Faith
MARK 3: Resolved to Reject All Earthlimindedness
MARK 4: Resolved to Righteously Use the Means of Grace
MARK 5: Resolved to Continue to Do Good

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