Getting Reacquainted With Greek?

Discussion in 'Languages' started by thistle93, May 15, 2017.

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  1. thistle93

    thistle93 Puritan Board Freshman

    Hi! I am like many who did not keep up with their Greek from seminary. I am seeking to get reacquainted with it. I know that at the end of the day it is ultimately about taking the time to practice but if anyone has done the same, were there any resources that were especially helpful? Thank you!

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  2. Dachaser

    Dachaser Puritan Board Doctor

    Also this site:
  3. MW

    MW Puritanboard Amanuensis

    Not so much for refreshing, but for building on the basic course, there is a daily dose of Greek web site (and a similar one for Hebrew). There is also Latin per diem, which delves into Greek also, and has the advantage of going through Greek texts outside the New Testament.
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  4. Ask Mr. Religion

    Ask Mr. Religion Flatly Unflappable

  5. arapahoepark

    arapahoepark Puritan Board Graduate

    Memrise also has some stuff.
  6. TheologiaCrucis

    TheologiaCrucis Puritan Board Freshman

    There is a "reader" that accompanies Mounce's text... it has texts to work through translating, and they get progressively more difficult. I've worked through the reader a couple times. I also have Mounce's video lectures that accompany the chapters... every couple years I just sit down for about 30-40 min. each day and work through the text book. Usually I read the chapter one day, study it the next and/or watch the lecture, then do the exercises the third (I skip the first few chapters on the alphabet, etc.)... you can work through the whole thing in about 90 days that way. It will take less time if you can jump straight from reading to exercises on some chapters... I did it in just about 60 days last year.
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