German War - Clifton Hicks

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Come all you good people wherever you may be,

I hope you'll pay attention and listen to me,

My name is nothing extra, the truth to you I'll tell,

I am a brave volunteer, and I'm sure I wish you well.

At the age of sixteen I joined that army grand,

We left old Kentucky and sailed for a foreign land,

Our Captain he informed us, and I know he thought it right,

Before the morning comes boys, I'm sure we'll have to fight.

I saw them Germans coming, I heard them give their yell,

My feelings at that moment no human tongue can tell,

I saw their shining rifles, and their bullets 'round us flew,

Now all my strength it left me and all my courage too.

We fought the whole day through before the battle was done,

The dead and the dying lay under a bloody sun,

And when the battle was o'er, and the Germans had fled,

We lay down our rifles and counted up our dead.

Now all of us were wounded, our noble Captain slain,

The sun it was setting all across a bloody plain,

And then I thought of mother, who begged me for to stay,

And not to go with strangers and sail so far away.

I've been in the midst of battle, I know its hardships well,

I've been across that great ocean, and rode down streets of hell,

I've lived a life of misery, and been where death it roams,

I'll tell you from experience boys, you had better stay at home.
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