George Walker, The manifold wisdom of God

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    Looks like he held to a "mixt covenant" view of the Mosaic covenant, seeing a republication of the Covenant of Works mixt with the Covenant of Grace. Here, republication seems to correspond to the legal cast of the Mosaic covenant functioning in the first use of the law to drive sinners to Christ as he is presented in type and shadow. In Walker's view, the republication of the COW still requires absolute perfect obedience from each individual Israelite and relates to justification: "as it was given to Israel it required obedience of every man in his owne person to justification and life" (p. 77). Just another instance where we should be very careful not to immediately equate a Westminster divine's version of "republication" with a modern view. Thanks for the tip!
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    One fundamental difference is that Walker maintained the older testamentary view which maintained Jesus Christ is the Testator. This view is also apparent in the Westminster Confession.
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