George Orwell on World War II

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If you like history, or if you like George Orwell (1903-1950), or if you like reading the history of World War II - or any combination of these, you should check this out: THE ORWELL PRIZE. It's a site that's reproducing Orwell's personal diaries. Diary dates match posting dates, e.g., his diary entry for June 29, 1940 was posted on June 29, 2010.

The war is just getting seriously underway in England, and Orwell is recording his experiences regarding it. Fascinating stuff.


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Indeed: since the start of the war the entries have definitely risen in emotional temperature. Before, it was largely "## eggs." Now there are narratives about mice in sinks and drowned submarines. Although to be fair, the entry where he dropped the eggs, and though you wouldn't have supposed that all three dozen would break, so it was -- that was pretty great, too.
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