George Frideric Handel's Largo

Stephen L Smith

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I appreciate great organ music, especially reflective organ music. Here is Handel's Largo performed by English Organist Jonathan Scott



They're stalling and plotting against me
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Very nice! Of course, I can't hear it without the words of Ombra mai fu running in my mind the whole time.


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As it happens, I'm working my way through a 22-CD boxed set of recordings made by the great French organist, Marie-Claire Alain (1926-2013). The box contains recordings she made from 1955 to 2000, and the set covers about 400 years of organ music by French composers. I also recently finished listening to the second of her two recordings of the complete organ music of J. S. Bach (I've heard the first recording already). And, just yesterday, I received, in the mail, a 12-CD set of the complete organ music of Bach, as recorded by the great blind German organist, Helmut Walcha (1907-1991). (He also recorded Bach's complete organ music twice.)

Europe really is the home of classical pipe organ music - and France, especially, seems to have teemed with composers for that instrument, although Bach, of course, is everyone's master in this music.

Incidentally, Marie-Claire's father, Albert Alain (1880-1971), was an organist and a composer. The family attended a church just outside Paris, where Albert was organist from 1924 to 1971. At his death, his daughter took over the post, and she was organist there from 1971 until she retired in 2011. So, that church had only two organists - father and daughter - for a total of 87 years!