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Genuine Christian Actors/Actresses

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Humor' started by Reformingstudent, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Reformingstudent

    Reformingstudent Puritan Board Junior

    Was just wondering if there are any real Christians in the movie/TV industry. And I'm not talking about the Gary Busey types who pop up on TBN and talk about their great faith in Jesus one day and go on a psychotic rant the next. How many genuine believers in Christ are working in front of the cameras and are really trying to live for Him I wonder.
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  2. larryjf

    larryjf Puritan Board Senior

    Here are some to consider:

    Kirk Cameron
    Robert Duvall
    Olivia Newton-John
    Gavin McLeod
    John Schneider
    Paul Walker
    Stephen Baldwin
    Andy Griffith
    Steve McQueen
    Lisa Whelchel
    Miley Cyrus
    Jonas Brothers
  3. Reformed Covenanter

    Reformed Covenanter Puritan Board Doctor

    Steve McQueen

    Didn't know that. :eek:
  4. ColdSilverMoon

    ColdSilverMoon Puritan Board Senior

    I think you can strike Robert Duvall from that list. I love the guy as an actor, but he has said before "he does his own thing" as far as religion goes, and that was a recent interview. Patricia Heaton of Everybody Loves Raymond (a show I never watched) also claims to be a Christian. Though he's deceased, Charleton Heston could be on the list as well...
  5. Galatians220

    Galatians220 Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    Add Richard Kiel ("Jaws" in the James Bond movies) to the list; he retired from the movie industry in part because his faith meant more to him: Richard Kiel Fan Club. Also Jennifer O'Neill ("Summer of '42," etc.): Jennifer O'Neill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    I, too, read that Steve McQueen had been converted in the last few months of his life. He'd been leaning that way for quite some time.

  6. No Longer A Libertine

    No Longer A Libertine Puritan Board Senior

    Paul Walker is a Mormon.
  7. ColdSilverMoon

    ColdSilverMoon Puritan Board Senior

    Also add Tom Lester, who was a star on Green Acres. I actually heard him speak at my previous church...
  8. Reformingstudent

    Reformingstudent Puritan Board Junior

    That's news to me as well.

    Glad to hear Miley Cyrus is a believer in Christ. Know she's been going through a rough time of it lately. May God keep her safe in the industry she works in.
  9. Stephen

    Stephen Puritan Board Junior

    I saw Stephen Baldwin on The Apprentice and I was not impressed with him. I know he claims to be "born again" but I did not see much difference between him and some of the others on the show. There is a fairly new actor who is a young man that has appeared in a few movies that is a member of a PCA congregation in North Carolina. There was an article about him in By Faith magazine a couple years ago, but I cannot recall his name. Are you sure that Miley Cyrus is a believer? What an amazing change we would see in the entertainment industry, if more Christians took the creation mandate serious.
  10. TimV

    TimV Puritanboard Botanist

    He started going to the same mega church in Ventura that my family went to when I was a teenager. Missionary Church Alliance, solid Evangelical type. He introduced his daugher to one of my friends there and they started dating. His conversion was considered legit by everyone.
  11. Zenas

    Zenas Snow Miser

    What, no Mel Gibson?!
  12. Blue Tick

    Blue Tick Puritan Board Graduate

    I find it would be extremely difficult to be an actor in Hollywood and to be open with one's faith. From a professionally perspective the auditions that a Christian can apply for are quite slim. Up and coming actors aren't in the position to chose what roles they can take. Most of them will take anything that pays something. Secondly, once you get the part how will it affect the family? Does the role require kissing another person? Does the part require the Lord's name to be used in vain? Are they required to work on the Lord's Day? There are so many issues that it seems very difficult to be a devoted Christian and an actor who's committed to their craft. There's going to be a compromise somewhere.

    The life of an actor is not all the glitz and fame the media promotes. It’s actually the worst profession in the entertainment industry. Aspiring actors are considered slime in the industry. Their treated like dirt and their asked to perform like dirt. It’s absolutely degrading beyond belief. People move to Hollywood waste 10-15 years of their lives waiting to be discovered only to find that age has caught up with them. They destroy their souls, waste money on worthless acting lessons, and jump from one workshop to the other, all with hopes of being discovered.
  13. Stephen

    Stephen Puritan Board Junior

  14. Reformed Covenanter

    Reformed Covenanter Puritan Board Doctor

    Yes, it would be difficult to be a Christian actor, but difficulties are for overcoming; we are to rule and subdue, not let the world walk all over us.

    The truth is, that it is always difficult to be a Christian in any situation. But that is not an excuse for not perservering.
  15. Stephen

    Stephen Puritan Board Junior

    :amen: This is why dispensationalism has been so popular in the church, because we just live our Christian lives and wait for the rapture. We are starting to see a change with more of an emphasis on the creation mandate that was taught by the late Dr. James Kennedy and by men like Ken Gentry, Gary Demar, and George Grant. Francis Schaeffer was teaching this long ago.
  16. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritan Board Doctor

    Y'all are getting me riled up. Amen and pass the ammunition!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. caddy

    caddy Puritan Board Senior

    Paul Walker is Mormon
  18. Reformed Covenanter

    Reformed Covenanter Puritan Board Doctor

    Now where have I heard that one before? :scratch:
  19. caddy

    caddy Puritan Board Senior


    Sorry...I'm guilty of not reading the whole thread before I post :um:
  20. Stephen

    Stephen Puritan Board Junior

    Can I get an amen. :amen: :oops: are Reformed people allowed to shout amen or is that a charismatic thing :lol:
  21. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritan Board Doctor

    :amen: Woooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. jaybird0827

    jaybird0827 PuritanBoard Honor Roll

    Olivia Newton-John?

    For real????
  23. Stephen

    Stephen Puritan Board Junior

    Yeah, I had to laugh on that one, even though I liked her music when she was popular.
  24. Galatians220

    Galatians220 Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  25. Galatians220

    Galatians220 Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    Here's a recent quote from her fan site:

    "To me luxury is to be at home with my daughter, and the occasional massage doesn't hurt." -Olivia Newton-John.

    The "Patrick McDermott gone missing" episode remains a bit tawdry...

    "Fruit of the spirit?" Hopefully, in the bud, but -- not overly obvious right now.

  26. BJClark

    BJClark Puritan Board Doctor

    It's said Mandy Moore is, and Willie Ames of (Eight is Enough--and of course Bibleman)

    Now, I wouldn't call some of these "Christians" but here is a list that I found..

    Famous Christians in Sports, Entertainment, More

    Willie Aames - former actor ("Eight is Enough") turned "Bibleman"
    Corbin Allred - actor, "Robin Hood: Men in Tights"; "Teen Angel"
    Billy Barty - actor, famed "Little People" activist, "Willow"
    Justine Bateman - actress
    Gary Burghoff - actor ("Radar O'Reilly" on M.A.S.H.)
    Gary Busey - actor
    Kirk Cameron - actor, "Growing Pains"
    Carl Clarfalio - actor ("The Thing" in Corman's FF film)
    Lacey Chabert - Actress from "Party of Five"
    Anna Chlumsky - Actress
    Deezer D - Actor on "E.R.", Christian rapper
    Anne B. Davis - "Alice" on the Brady Bunch
    Clifton Davis - movie star
    Hazel Dawn - movie star
    Laraine Day - movie star
    Mark Deakins - actor ("Star Trek: Insurrection", Axum on "Star Trek: Voyager")
    Donna Douglas - actress ("Ellie May Clampett" on "Beverly Hillbillies")
    Roma Downey - actress on "Touched by an Angel"
    Robert Duvall - actor
    Aaron Eckhart - movie star ("The Pledge", "Erin Brockovich", "Possession", etc.)
    Dale Evans (1912-2001) - actress
    Kim Fields - actor, "Facts of Life"
    Rhonda Fleming - movie star
    Mel Gibson - movie star
    Ryan Gosling - actor ("The Believer", Hercules on "Young Hercules")
    Andy Griffith - actor, "Andy Griffith Show"
    Charlton Heston - actor, "The Ten Commandments"
    Tom Hanks - movie star
    Dean Jagger - movie star (Academy Award for "Twelve O'Clock High", etc.)
    Dean Jones - movie star
    Danny Kamekona - actor (popular Hawaiian actor; "Hawaii 5-O"; Miyagi's rival "Sato" in "Karate Kid II")
    Richard Kiel - actor; Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me; Moonraker
    Carol Lawrence - singer/dancer/actress, once married to Robert Goulet
    Olivia Newton-John - popular Australian-born singer, actress
    Bruce Marchiano - actor, Jesus in The Gospel According to Matthew
    Gavin McLeod - actor, Captain Stubing on The Love Boat
    Terry Moore - Academy Award-nominated actress (Come Back, Little Sheba, etc.)
    Tia and Tamer Mowry - Actresses on Sister Sister
    Robert Newman - actor
    Chuck Norris - actor, "Walker Texas Ranger"
    Austen O'Brian - actor on Promised Land
    Merlin Olsen - football player, actor (Little House on the Prairie; Aaron's Way)
    Jennifer O'Neill - actor
    Donny Osmond and Marie Osmond - popular singers, TV show hosts
    Kelly Packard - Wonder Years; Blossom; Step By Step; Baywatch; Boy Meets World
    Austin Peck - Soap Opera actor
    Pat Priest - actress ("Marilyn Munster" on The Munsters TV show; Easy Come, Easy Go w/Elvis Presley)
    Della Reese - actress, "Touched by an Angel"
    Judge Reinhold - actor
    Fred Rogers - "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood"
    Roy Rogers (1911-1998) - TV star
    Mickey Rooney - actor
    Jane Russell - movie star
    John Schneider - actor, "The Dukes of Hazzard", founder, FaithWorks!
    Connie Seleca - actress
    Nancy Stafford - actress, Matlock; MacGyver
    David Suchet - actor ("Hercule Poirot" on the PBS series Mystery)
    Mr T. - Actor
    Russ Tamblyn - actor (Peyton Place, West Side Story, etc.)
    Ben Vereen - Actor
    Paul Walker - movie star (Varsity Blues, Meet the Deedles, The Fast and the Furious, etc.)
    Robert Walker - actor (Strangers on a Train, etc.)
    Lisa Whelchel - actress, The Facts of Life
    Johnny Whitaker - actor, Family Affair
    Demond Wilson - actor, Lamont Sanford
    Marie Windsor - movie star
    Elijah Wood - actor
    Heather Young - TV star, Land of Giants
    Loretta Young - movie star (Best Actress Academy Award for The Farmer's Daughter)

    TV/Movie Producers and Directors
    Martha Williamson - executive producer "Touched by an Angel"
    John Woo - director, "Mission Impossible II", "Broken Arrow"
    Don Bluth - animation director/producer (Land Before Time; Titan A.E.; The Secret of NIMH; etc.)
    Richard Dutcher - director/screenwriter/actor (Girl Crazy; God's Army)
    Kieth Merrill (Academy award-winning IMAX director; "The Great American Cowboy; "Amazon", etc.)
    Jerry Molen - movie producer (Schindler's List; Jurassic Park, Twister; Hook; Rain Man; etc.)
    Richard Rich - animation director (The King and I; The Black Cauldron)
    Ken Wales - producer, "Christy"
    Michael Warren - producer, "Family Matters"
  27. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

    That's what I was thinking, Margaret.

    In fact, the majority on the list provided makes me wonder: why is it so important that these Hollywood-types are Christian? I praise God if they are, but I'm more concerned with my own sancification and the members of my church than what goes on in Hollywood.
  28. BJClark

    BJClark Puritan Board Doctor

  29. Zenas

    Zenas Snow Miser

    Every actor on that list that I've looked up has been a member of the LDS cult.
  30. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

    If you are referring to post number 26, I know for certain that some of them are not LDS.
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