Gaelic Psalms and Old Time Music

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The Gaelic practice of lining out Psalms migrated with the Scots to the Appalachian mountains. It was used by most churches in the area with the Baptists and some smaller churches continuing the practice. Old time music is a blend of lining-out vocals often in falsetto, Irish jigs, Italian folk traditions (which is probably why we see a lot of mandolin) and of course African rhythms and syncopation.

I have posted a few examples of Old Regular Baptists singing lined-out hymns on YouTube:


I took the photos while walking through the local cemetery, one of my favourite places to visit:



Smithsonian Folkways - Old Regular Baptists: Lined-Out Hymnody from Southeastern Kentucky - Indian Bottom Association

Gaelic Psalms.


You can hear the influence of lining in the vocals of Holcomb. Lunch is almost over...gotta run.

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So enjoyed that. Have worshipped in the Back church many times, and recognised a number
of the congregation and the Minister. How interesting that the old primitive Baptist would line
out their hymns as well.
Also on one of the links, a salmon video on the Grimersta river and the first loch, I fished it some
years ago off the boat and got one. Thanks for the memory Professor.
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