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Just found this in my email..... Looks very good.

Friday, May 14, 2010, 5:00 PM - Saturday, May 15, 2010, 12:15 PM

Location: Southside Reformed Presbyterian Church, 6969 South Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN US 46217

Cost: Regular Rate: $30.00, Special Rate: Pastors, Students, Seniors, RPCNA Members, Groups: $20.00

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals > Events > Renewal For Pastors: Whose Responsibility?
Renewal For Pastors: Whose Responsibility?

Greetings! In an effort to bring Westminster Seminary California “closer to home,” I am writing to let you know that Dr. Julius J. Kim will be speaking in Indianapolis, IN on Friday and Saturday, May 14-15, 2010. He will be speaking on “The Westminster Experience with CPR (Center for Pastoral Refreshment)” at a conference titled “Renewal for Pastors: Whose Responsibility?”. Other speakers include Rev. Ligon Duncan and Rev. David and Mrs. Jenny Long. The conference will be held at Southside Reformed Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis. You are invited to attend!

For more information, please use this link:
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals > Events > Renewal For Pastors: Whose Responsibility?
Dr. Kim is the Dean of Students and Associate Professor of Practical Theology at Westminster Seminary California (WSC). Prior to taking his current position at WSC, Dr. Kim ministered in a variety of ecclesiastical and academic settings. He has served in Presbyterian Church in America churches in California and Illinois. His current church calling is as Associate Pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church in Escondido. Dr. Kim also continues to serve the broader Christian community as a preacher, speaker, and ministry consultant—especially for the Korean-American church. While in Illinois, he taught undergraduate communications at Trinity International University and church history at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Following a brief tenure as Visiting Scholar with the Faculty of Divinity at Cambridge University, Dr. Kim returned to Southern California to serve as Dean of Students and to teach practical theology at WSC.

Dr. Kim also directs the Center for Pastoral Refreshment at WSC, a unique institute dedicated to helping sustain pastoral excellence among Korean-American pastors. In addition to his doctoral concentration on English church history during the Restoration, his research interests include the history of preaching, homiletics, and Asian-American Christianity. His goals are to contribute both to the church and the academy through his teaching, preaching, and writing. He is the author of The Religion of Reason and the Reason for Religion: John Tillotson and the Latitudinarian Defense of Christianity, 1630–1694 and a contributor to Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry: Essays by the Faculty of Westminster Seminary California Heralds of the King: Christ-centered Sermons in the Tradition of Edmund P. Clowney.

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