Funny things your kids have blurted out...

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Rich Koster

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I have one boy on my bus that has an attention span of 10 milliseconds. One day he ran off the bus yelling "I have no brain". The silence was deafening. :lol:

he beholds

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One day our (3 y/o) son was helping me put laundry away. He could not get the top drawer of a dresser open, so I told him, "OK, put it ON the dresser."

He said, "I can't open it."

I said, "ON top."

He said, "It's locked."

I started to get a little exasperated and I asked, "Sweetie, do you know what ON means?"

His reply: "Honor your father and mother?"

My exasperation quickly expired with that answer!


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One of my favorites from our daughter Leah was when we were standing among a group of neighbors and she looks up at Brad and says, "Daddy, are you my daddy?" I don't know what the neighbors thought, but it was funny to us.

Another time we had some friends over for dinner and our kids were upstairs playing. When I went to check on them I found a pile of dark hair that didn't belong to any of my kids. I picked it up and went and informed my friends that Emma was cutting her hair again. (She had been in trouble for this quite a few times before) They called Emma downstairs and she said, "I didn't cut my hair, William did it." So we called William downstairs and he says, "Emma told me to." Then Emma says, "Well, you said I couldn't cut my hair anymore, but you didn't say William couldn't do it!" We cracked up. It was very funny. Poor William didn't know he'd been set up. They were only like 4 at the time. It was cute.
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