Fulgentius on the origin of faith

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    Fulgentius was a North African Bishop and a follower of Augustine.

    Fulgentius, bishop of Ruspe (c. 467-532):
    Blessed Paul points out that this faith is not born from our will but is given to each person by the Holy Spirit when he says: “For to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, and to another faith by the same Spirit." Thus, we received the Holy Spirit not because we believed, but so that we might believe. Fathers of the Church, Vol. 126, Fulgentius of Ruspe and the Scythian Monks, Correspondence on Christology and Grace, trans. Bob Roy McGregor and Donald Fairbairn (Washington D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 2013), pp. 80-81. See Epistola XVII in PL 65.
    Latin Text: Quam fidem non ex voluntate nostra nasci, sed per Spiritum sanctum unicuique dari, beatus Paulus ostendit, dicens: Alii quidem datur per Spiritum sermo sapientiae, alii autem sermo scientiae secundum eumdem Spiritum, alteri(al. alii) fides in eodem Spiritu. Non ergo Spiritum sanctum, quia credidimus, sed ut crederemus, accepimus. Epistola XVII, Cap. XX, §40, PL 65:476B.
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