Fuel to your lusts

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Blueridge Believer

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Fuel to your lusts, and quenchers of your graces

By severe providences and fiery trials—God designs
the preventing of sin. Prudent physicians sometimes
give harsh medicines to prevent diseases; and so
does the Physician of souls. Sharp trials preserve
the saints from spiritual putrefying, and from
spiritual rotting.

Wealth lays men most open to . . .
the greatest sins,
the worst of snares, and
the deadliest temptations.
The best of men have fallen the foulest—under their
highest worldly enjoyments. Witness David, Solomon,
Hezekiah, etc. Under your outward fullness . . .
how low was your communion with God!
how languishing were your graces!
how lean were your souls!
how little God had of . . .
your thoughts,
your hearts,
your time,
your strength!

O sirs! how bad would you have been by this time,
if God had not removed those things, which were
but fuel to your lusts, and quenchers of your
graces! Well, often think of this: it is a greater
mercy to be preserved from sin, yes, from the
least sin—than it is to enjoy the whole world!

"Lord, let this fiery trial be so sanctified to
me, as that it may eminently issue in . . .
the mortifying of my sins,
the increase of my graces,
the mending of my affections,
the reforming of my life,
the weaning of my soul from everything below You,
and the fixing of my heart upon eternal realities!"

THOMAS BROOKS "Londons Lamentations" 1670
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