Free Church of Scotland and Possible Time in UK

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This is a strange question to ask, I suppose, but I've been strongly drawn to spending a year or two in the UK for my studies, and also as a mission opportunity. I've never been able to pin down the specifics of this desire, but it has been consistently present for the last 6-7 years of my life.

Anyway, one of the things I've been trying to do is scope out the church situation in this nation, since I'd want to attend and hopefully help serve a sound congregation while I was there. I've identified the Free Church of Scotland as what would appear to be a promising denominational possibility, and I've even considered this intriguing apprenticeship for 2 years down the line as perhaps a very good guideline as to what my vocation should be. For reference, this coming academic year, I look to spend the time in D.C. in law-oriented internships. Basically, I see the next two years as being ideal opportunities for me to get hands-on experience within these two vocations (appellate law or full-time church-related ministry in a host of areas).

This denomination seems to be fairly strict on the WCF and EP, but beyond those I'm unsure as to where they'd compare to the more familiar denominations in the US. I've listened to some of the head pastor of London City Presbyterian Church's sermons, and they've been quite edifying. Given my being very new to the Reformed faith and finally attending churches that I can actually recommend to people, I know I have lots to learn about discerning the quality of a church. So, I ask the PBers here what the general opinion is of the FCS and where it stands.

Also, for reference, I am a PCAer, but I'm a WCF strict subscriptionist, so I'd be more than happy to attend a "stricter/more confessionally Reformed" congregation.


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In Scotland the two "best" denominations are the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) which split from the Free Church of Scotland the issue was important and the FCS(C) were correct to do so but I really cannot remember what the issue was but I can remember being told the story and agreeing with the FCS(C). They have a good article on worship here on pages 15-17.

The other is the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. These are very strict and excommunicated a woman for wearing trousers.

However in England and Wales there is Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England and Wales.

I know someone who is looking to be ordained in EPCEW and have links (albeit limited) with Durham Presbyterian Church.
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The FPCS is one of the better denominations. But, I had a relative who spent time in England at the FPCS and was barred from the Lord's Supper because he believed it was lawful to see movies and plays.

The FCSC too is one of the better denominations but they have accepted into their denomination (in the US) a minister who was excommunicated by my own denomination, the Presbyterian Reformed Church, who remains impenitent.

The FCS is not without flaws, but from my own observations across the pond, I think it is worthy of consideration for a place to worship.

There is also the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland. And the Presbyterian Reformed Church has one congregation in England - Roy Mohon is a very good pastor.

I work as a paralegal in a Washington, DC law firm and have done so for 10 years, so feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the law firm scene here.
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