Francis Cheynell on the fundamental errors of the Socinians

Reformed Covenanter

Puritanboard Commissioner
The Socinian Error is Fundamental, they deny Christ’s satisfaction, and so overthrow the foundation of our faith, the foundation of our Justification; they deny the Holy Trinity, and so take away the very Object of our Faith; they deny the Resurrection of these Bodies, and so take away the foundation of our hope; they deny original sin, and so take away the ground of our Humiliation, and indeed the necessity of regeneration; they advance the power of Nature, and destroy the efficacy of Grace. It is an Antichristian error, because it takes away the very Essence and Person of Jesus Christ, for they deny him to be God, and so take away his Essence; they deny him to be the second Person in the Trinity, and so destroy his very person also.

They do in effect rob him of all his offices, for if Christ be not God, he is not that great Prophet foretold by Moses, who is Prince and Author of life, Act. 3. 15. 22. ad finem, Act. 7. 37, 38. Nor can he be a Priest able to save by the offering of himself, because the merit of his sacrifice depends upon the dignity of his person: the offering of a mere man cannot satisfy for so many thousands of men: and therefore the Socinians having denied the Godhead of Christ, deny that he hath given God full satisfaction. Nor can Christ be a King, who hath an heavenly and eternal kingdom by nature, if he be not God. ...

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