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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Pilgrim, Aug 19, 2014.

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  1. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Puritan Board Doctor

    Did someone perhaps forget to flip the "on" switch on those forums?

  2. Claudiu

    Claudiu Puritan Board Junior

  3. Semper Fidelis

    Semper Fidelis 2 Timothy 2:24-25 Staff Member

  4. Jerusalem Blade

    Jerusalem Blade Puritan Board Post-Graduate

  5. VictorBravo

    VictorBravo Administrator Staff Member

    Yes. Mea Culpa.

    My excuse is I hit delete instead of ignore on my reminder because I was in the middle of bond hearings, scattered as is often the case on Monday mornings.
  6. bookslover

    bookslover Puritan Board Doctor

    On the other hand, Gen. Francisco Franco is still dead! ("Saturday Night Live," 1970s)
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