Feeling Evil

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Puritan Board Doctor
Admit it, people: don't you feel just a little bit evil when you mask-up before going into your bank? After all, it's usually only a very specific group of people who put on masks before going into a bank!
I get a kick out of putting on a black bandana and going into such places. This time of year, I wear a black Australian duster and a dark hat. Sunglasses, too.

Problem is, everyone in my small community already knows who I am.
Good point. My friendly neighborhood bank would really rather I’d use the drive through or ATM. That is plain sad.
They want me to feel evil when I don't wear the mask at wherever it is. But I don't. I feel a bit miffed that it's all still going on.
Will a prophet on here send bears to maul anyone making fun of the hairless male chin?
I am thankful the Lord did not leave me void of being able to grow whiskers. Since I was born with Pierre Robin syndrome, I like being able to add an inch to my chinless jaw line :cool:
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