Failures of the Southern Baptist North American Mission Board (NAMB)

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  1. Pergamum

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    This is a good website highlighting the failures of the Southern Baptist North American Mission Board (NAMB).

    Not only are the Southern Baptists failing to preserve doctrine (they are falling prey to Wokeness), but a decade or so ago they stated that it is better strategy to plant new churches in North America than to buttresss and maintain older churches.

    About 15 years ago I read several Southern Baptist articles arguing that the best missions strategy for the US was NOT to maintain and support older churches, but to plant new churches, because members were more likely to go to these new churches than to an older already-established church. There were some suggestions about "presentability" as well to the younger generation (avoid writing Baptist in the name, adopt modern worship music, etc). I've heard also from US pastors, that, in the name of "revitalization", some older churches were encouraged to sell their assets to NAMB so that NAMB could rebrand and restart the church.

    Well...we are seeing the results of this failed strategy now.

    FUNDING ISSUES: Also, while the IMB (International Mission Board) had to CUT missionaries and missions budgets last year due to budget shortfalls, NAMB still has a large RESERVE fund, and they are buying luxury properties with the funds instead of using the funds for church-plants.

    "NAMB spent over 250% more on church planting while cutting support for existing churches. Since 2010, the budgets for ministries that support existing churches was slashed 72%, they cut spending to help with evangelism by 65% and defunded all evangelism staff, including collegiate ministers, except for states in the South and the Northwest Convention.

    It could be claimed that NAMB had to cut those to provide for the spike in the church planting budget. However, NAMBs contributions received, expenses and administrative budget have remained flat, and their liabilities have dropped 50%. Their investments increased $100 Million since 2008, property assets increased $22 Million since 2013, and their reserves are up $200 million. That does not include the $35 Million in cash they received from selling church loans in 2014.

    Are we surprised baptisms are down 30%, when we slash support for existing churches?

    NAMB could fund support ministries they have cut if they wanted too. However they have instead chosen to bury it in assets and reserves."

    There are also issues of abuse of power and using funds to wield power rather than to serve. I've heard of NAMB offering assistance to local churches IF the local church turned over asserts to NAMB. With money comes power and NAMB appears to be using funds to create a little kingdom and gain more power rather than to serve.

    I am glad somebody is exposing this.

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  2. C. M. Sheffield

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    Sad but not the least bit surprising.
  3. Pergamum

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    To put it further into perspective the International Mission Board overspent by 210 milion and kept getting further into debt and so had to slash 600-800 foreign missionaries (all who've spent years in training), and yet in the same time period NAMB built up a 230 million reserve of funds and bought a load of expensive properties in the USA.
  4. Pilgrim

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    Another impetus for church planting is the lack of church discipline (and related issues) in Southern Baptist churches. Many church planters would rather plant a church than have to deal with the problems in an existing church, whether it be unregenerate members or what might be termed obstructionism with regard to running the church.
  5. Pergamum

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    This is precisely the reason I heard 2 Southern Baptists mention. It is too hard to effect change in older churches which possess an oligarchy of the blue-haired old ladies that hen-peck new pastors to death and drive them away. They said the exact same thing, "Easier to start from scratch..." and "It is so hard to teach an old church new tricks..." is how one church-planter put it. And "It is easier to go where there is not all the baggage..."

    I can sympathize with that sentiment. But God does tell us to do hard things. Planting new churches and ignoring existing churches is the easy way out.
  6. ScottishPresbyterian

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    Also, maybe the old church didn't need any new tricks.

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