Excessive Rhetoric, Criticisms of Individuals, and Helping us Moderate Both

Discussion in 'FAQ & Rules' started by Semper Fidelis, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. doctorcello

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  2. NaphtaliPress

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    Bump; just for a refresher or reminder for regular members who have not seen it in a while.
  3. Ask Mr. Religion

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    Works for me and I have referenced it (with a link) in other forums where the message contained therein is all to frequently lost.
  4. wesbrice

    wesbrice Puritan Board Freshman

    Good advice. I am convinced one can differ without attacking the man. On ocassions Paul named names - there are times this may be necessary but I always would like to know have to first gone or attempted contact with individual in question.
  5. Marty

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  6. Ebenim

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    Truth and Love.
    Gospel and Grace.
    Love and Unity.

    A tall order but clearly our guide from the Master Himself and His Word. Thank you for the encouragement.

    I am looking forward to following the threads and posts.
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  7. Nightshade

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    This is very sage wisdom. I dare say that most of us, while in private in the presence of Christians we know and trust, in regards to a passage of text that we have not studied in-depth have asked the question "is it possible that..."

    First glance analysis of the text may suggest that our proposed interpertation is a reasonable one... but few Christians have ever asked the question "is it possible that..." without getting the answer "I can see how that would seem logical on the surface, but if you follow it to the inevitable conclusion..."

    The real test of orthodoxy in cases like that is if the believer asking the question, presenting the proposal, etc. repudiates their claim upon satisfactory presentation of biblical evidence that their position is false.
  8. dbest54

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    Excellent Advice

    I haven't visited this post for a while now. This post is excellent advice for all believers who endavour to honour our Lord.[
  9. jbergsing

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    Boy, something went down while I was gone! This sounds like a good idea.
  10. Bengibor

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    thanks for these rules and guidelines.
  11. Rperk613

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    Good Guide!

  12. bemer

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    Thank you; good guidelines. Bemer
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