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Does anyone of know seminaries that would advocate the Exclusive Psalmody position?
This is an important subject and principle, Scott, but it is a rather specific one on which to choose a seminary.

I presume that most or all of the professors at the Free Church College in Edinburgh are EP, although you could enquire about that.

The Free Church Seminary of the Free Church (Continuing) in Inverness will be EP.

The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland is EP, but it doesn't have a seminary, since its divinity students study under various ministers.

The Reformed Presbyterian College, Belfast:
Reformed Theological College

The main thing is to avoid Liberal, Arminian, Dispensational, Pentecostal seminaries, and find a good quality Reformed seminary.

If anyone sings a hymn in your presence or plays a musical instrument, you don't have to go along with it. You can studt EP from the Bible, good books and the PB.


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Thanks for that.
Just to clarify that I didn't ask the question in relation to my own situation. It was more so asked purely out of interest as to which colleges and seminaries held to the EP position as a whole.
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