English Popish Ceremonies for a steal

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Not from me but see the link. George Gillespie's Dispute Against the English Popish Ceremonies for just $15? If you've balked at getting this new critical edition because you have some other printing (including 20 year old NP edition), this is a no brainer. I can't beat that price right now; get them while they're hot! SGCB | Naphtali PressThe Also, Durham on Isaiah 53 is about to go out of print; get one while you can there or for a lot more at my site; I only have 3 left.
May I ask what was the print run, and does this mean it sold out (or has nearly sold out) fairly quickly?
No danger of running out any time soon; and no, it is a slow seller which is why the firesale price at the bookseller linked above. The print run was 825.
To review, for $15 from SGCB, you get the classic presbyterian work on worship principles in the latest critical edition, 540-ish pages, in a nice binding, dust jacket and a color frontispiece. As I have said, if you have hesitated before even if you have an old edition, this is a very cheap upgrade to the current best edition. See 80 sample pages here.
I've posted pictures on my FB page.
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