Edwards on God's great plan of salvation for the believer

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  1. Stephen L Smith

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    Have been blessed by this great Edwards quote:

    The work of redemption is carried on in all ages of the world ... the work of God in converting souls, opening blind eyes, unstopping deaf ears, raising dead souls to life, and rescuing the miserable captives out of the hands of Satan, .... has been carried on in the world, ever since to this day, and will be to the end of the world. God has always, ever since the first erecting of the church of the redeemed after the fall, had such a church in the world...

    And as God carries on the work of converting the souls of fallen men through all these ages, so He goes on to justify them, to blot out their sins, and to accept them as righteous in His sight, through the righteousness of Christ, and adopt and receive them from being the children of Satan, to be His own children; so he goes on to sanctify them, or to carry on the work of His grace, which He has begun in them, and to comfort them with the consolations of His Spirit, and to glorify them, to bestow on them ... that eternal glory which is the fruit of the purchase of Christ.
    [From Introduction in a History of the work of Redemption]
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    One of my favorite books! :)
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