Dr Venema on Christ and Culture

Discussion in 'The Law of God' started by PuritanCovenanter, Apr 13, 2019.

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  1. PuritanCovenanter

    PuritanCovenanter Moderator Staff Member

    This is an old topic to me but a goody.

    Dr. Venema was the speaker at the Indy Reformation Conference on April 5th and 6th. He had a balanced spread of knowledge on a theology we are still working through. I have blogged a lot on the topic since 2011. I was uncomfortable during some of the topic. It was good.

    Christ and Culture Contemporary Discussion.

    Acknowledging Christ's Kingship in all of life.

    A critical assesment of the "Two Kingdoms / Natural Law" perspective.

    I was privileged to hear Dr. Alan Strange speak on the same subject years ago. I love Mid America.
  2. Jeri Tanner

    Jeri Tanner Moderator Staff Member

    What about the topic did you find uncomfortable? I’m looking forward to listening to these, thank you for sharing.
  3. BayouHuguenot

    BayouHuguenot Puritanboard Amanuensis

    I wonder if he mentions Schilder. What's ironic is that the R2K guys reject Kuyper, yet they agree with Kuyper on the most basic point: both reject the idea of a specifically Christian culture. Kuyper abstracted culture from the munus triplex and really had nothing to offer beyond "Calvinism made representative govt possible." That's the basic summary of Lectures on Calvinism. Westminster Seminary should love Kuyper, yet they don't.
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