Double Double Toil and Trouble - Election Series

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    One of the most difficult of doctrines of deal with emotionally, and often intellectually, is the doctrine of election. Throw into that "double predestination" and the doctrine of reprobation and you have "double double toil and trouble". Most Christians across Christendom reject the historical view of election and reprobation outright, and cannot reconcile it with the Bible.

    I have put together an 8 part series (9 parts including "God's Providence") on covering a basic understanding of Election and Reprobation.

    There are 3 sermons and 6 lectures on the subjects that have just previously been completed specifically for this series.

    They are:
    Lesson 1: Providence
    Lesson 1.5: Election
    Lesson 2: Reprobation
    Lessons 3: Romans 9 & Election/Reprobation
    Lesson 4:The Plan of God and His Glory
    Lesson 5:The Choice of God and His Glory
    Lesson 6: Objections to Predestination
    Lesson 7: How The Confessions Deal with Election and Reprobation
    Lesson 8: Summary Applications of the Doctrine

    Check here for more info:

    (This series is not currently part of the ALL-In-One DVD.)
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