Does Your Household All Use The Same Bible Translation?

Bible usage in your household...

  • Everyone reads from the same (primary) translation.

    Votes: 14 37.8%
  • Different members of my household have different primary translations.

    Votes: 23 62.2%

  • Total voters
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You're right. Apparently not commonly used in Brisbane, though.

Yes, perception does play a large role.

Not that it matters what I think, but the fact that the CSB is tied to the SBC--especially with what I see going on in the SBC right now with a racialized, social gospel--turns me off from the translation at the outset.

But all this could be another thread.

As far as family translation choice goes, I have been ESV since I was saved; but lately I am trending toward the pre-1995 NASB, and very much liking it.

If someone is reading Scripture, does following along in a different translation take away from your ability to really listen to the words, since you may be comparing or noting differences?
The Nas is an excellent translation for those who prefer the Critical Text, and the NKJV for those preferring the TR, and the Web for those liking the Majority text. All 3 of them would be formal/literal translations.

Josh Williamson

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You're right. Apparently not commonly used in Brisbane, though.
As a travelling preacher I found that people in different parts of Australia had issue with it. When I used the CSB in NZ I didn't use Psalm 113, so I am not sure how they would have responded.
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