Does the Sabbath Still Exist on the Isle of Lewis?

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Someone sent me this link this morning. I haven't seen the programme yet and I'm not sure if it's only available to British viewers. The article seems to fairly represent both views on the Sabbath, so I hope that the programme is similarly presented.

The Lewis Sabbath has definitely changed over the years. There is a push amongst some, including Lewis people not just incomers to Lewis, to make the Sabbath as any other day. However, there are incomers and unchurched people living here who see the benefit of a day of rest to relax and think, as the article mentioned. I know a Muslim man who moved to Lewis with his family when he was young and, now married with a family himself, he said to me that he appreciates the Sabbath on Lewis as he finds in peaceful.

In my mind at least, a large part of the reason for the change in the Sabbath on Lewis, is due to declining attendances in church on the one hand and, on the other hand, an unwillingness of some Ministers to preach Sabbath observance from the pulpit.

By the way, for anyone who may be interested, Rev Kenneth Stewart has just started preaching a series on the Sabbath - Here


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Having visited the Island forty one times since 1973, there is a noticeable decline in
the observance of the Sabbath. The Ferry company won the day and they run their
service as on everyday. Likewise the air flights have broadened the breach in starting
their service. Incomers have had an influence and given the unconverted a greater boldness
to demand mainland liberty in more worldly pursuits.
But this has materialised through the declining congregations,which has weakened the hold
that the Protestant faith had on the population. Even adherents have fallen away,when in the
past they were faithful in attending the means of grace. I remember a time when the Minister
in the village where we stay, rebuked an incomer for working his loom on the Sabbath. And on
another occasion going to the loch shore and upbraiding a holiday maker for water skiing on the Sabbath.
Some weeks later he received an apologetic letter from the culprit.!
But the marked difference is, that the children of believers who are now in their mid and late twenties,
no longer frequent the house of God. That does not auger well for the future, as God usually perpetuates the
church thugh the seed of the faithful. We are actually on the Island at the moment, and have another ten
days remaining of our annual.
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