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Randy in Tulsa

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From your last post (28) you understand what is taught in the WCF, Chapter 17, regarding the perseverance of the saints. Your hope for your husband, is stated well in paragraphs I and II, which I have copied below. Thank you for reminding me of them by the way you worded your post.

I. They, whom God has accepted in His Beloved, effectually called, and sanctified by His Spirit, can neither totally nor finally fall away from the state of grace, but shall certainly persevere therein to the end, and be eternally saved.

II. This perseverance of the saints depends not upon their own free will, but upon the immutability of the decree of election, flowing from the free and unchangeable love of God the Father; upon the efficacy of the merit and intercession of Jesus Christ, the abiding of the Spirit, and of the seed of God within them, and the nature of the covenant of grace: from all which arises also the certainty and infallibility thereof.

It also is important, though, that the men who wrote this chapter in the Confession knew all too well how those who both profess Christ and are true believers can do what your husband has done, as they described in paragraph III:

III. Nevertheless, they may, through the temptations of Satan and of the world, the prevalency of corruption remaining in them, and the neglect of the means of their preservation, fall into grievous sins; and, for a time, continue therein: whereby they incur God's displeasure, and grieve His Holy Spirit, come to be deprived of some measure of their graces and comforts, have their hearts hardened, and their consciences wounded; hurt and scandalize others, and bring temporal judgments upon themselves.

As one who, much to my shame as a true believer, fell into the kind of grievous sin described in III above, I can testify to the truth of I and II and to how important it was to have a strong wife that loved me in spite of my sin. God used her strength and real faith in the gospel to help save and restore me. I don't know whether your husband will be restored. If he is, the godly attitude expressed by you in your posts well may be one of the means God uses.


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We will pray for you and your husband. You have been given sound counsel above and I pray that God encourages you by it.

Cling to Christ, the lover of your soul. Grace to you.


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Thanks again, I can not say it enough, to all of you for your prayers, words of counsel and comfort. Thanks for sharing your stories. I did not expect such an outpouring. Thanks for lifting me up before the Lord in my time of need.

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