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Last weekend I had a reunion with 6 friends from law school. At the time of school we were all evangelical Christians (and still are for now). One guy is considering Roman Catholicism. Another is considering Eastern Orthodoxy. Both come from non-reformed, low-church backgrounds.

Anyway, the conversation among the 4 of us who are not considering leaving protestantism was probably a good argument for the two others to leave. 3 of the 4 solid protestants could not see anything wrong with drama in public worship. I was alone against it.

We started discussing worship and it was clear that they had no real idea of what worship was about. They could not answer a simple question like "what is worship?" What is the difference between a ministerial sermon and laymen sitting around talking theology?

At best, church was primarily about the "message." In other words, worship was limited to a didactic exercise, much like one might hear a teacher on the radio while driving. And ministerial authority was unknown - it is basically one man teaching another. So, if the sole goal of worship is teaching, then why not try different means of communicating (ie. drama)?

I argued that classical reformed position that Worship is a meeting between God and man. It is not simply men teaching each other. I also argued that worship is dialogue, so the parts alternate. Anyway, I don't think I persuaded anybody.

But, I can see how my other two friends would see either either RC or EO as a refuge. It seems that evangelicals cannot even understand or agree on something that should be core, the worship of God. EO has had a consistent understanding of worship for 1500 years or more. RC had a long tradition, although they are now in quite a bit of disarray and suffering many problems of Protestantism (although outsiders often don't perceive these).

Of course, my friends should not switch to RC or EO b/c of the fatal problems in both those communions. But it does not help that evangelicalism is becoming a bumbling jester that does not know what it is doing.


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Take heart, what are the odds of six avowed Christian lawyers gathering in one place?

FYI I was planning on going down that law route.


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Some people are destined not to be happy anywhere. Frankie Schaeffer has always appeared to me to be one of those...
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