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Puritan Board Freshman
If you could only have 10 books (plus the bible) on your bookshelf for the rest of your life, and these will be the only books left to your children and your children's children (think Orwell's 1984 scenario), what would you choose? You want to equip yourself, and leave your family equipped to pursue ministry and fulfill the great commission; desiring your sons to preach the gospel and your daughters to wisely counsel young women. No pressure. Go!

John Yap

Puritan Board Freshman
Flavel vol 1 - to see Christ
4 volumes of Brakel - devotional systematic, vol 4 is a highlight
New Dictionary of Biblical Theology - for the overview of books
Calvin Institutes - nuff said.
Beale NT theology - cover much of OT
Ryle on Matthew - family worship.. can I have all 4 gospels?
Family Worship Guide by RHB - family worship and applications

off the top of my head... something balanced.. I bet I missed something huge
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