De Moor on the Doctrine of God

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    I have been translating De Moor's treatment of the Doctrine of God. I will post in this thread the points of particular interest.

    So, first...

    For a long time, for many Christians in the West, Polytheism has been a dead issue (implausible, so not worthy of study or consideration). However, with America's Pluralism, and the resurgence of Paganism, it may be time to review the old arguments against Polytheism, for our own spiritual well-being, and for apologetic purposes. De Moor "Against Gentile Polytheism".
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    Thank you for your work, Steven! If I had my life to live over again, I, at a young age, would ask my parents to have me learn multiple languages. But as the Almighty ordained I am but a vates speaking English, with, essentially, one work written (free digital copies here).
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