Creed recital, the RPW, and the synagogue


Puritan Board Freshman
For those who hold that the recital of creeds is not an element of worship (I know some have chalked it up to either preaching or oaths), what do we make of the fact that the Shema was recited in ancient Jewish synagogues?
I am content in revealing my ignorance by first asking: what evidence do we have "that the Shema was recited in ancient Jewish synagogues"? If there is, was the practice universal? If it was, was it recited as an act of worship? Devotion? Communal expression?

If it was an act of worship, was it considered to be a confession of faith, or was it, as is presented in Mark 12:29, as part of or a summary of the commandments? And finally how, if in anyway, does the practice of the synagogue prove normative for the regulative principle of worship as utilized in the Christian church? Which is to say, it seems to falls short of proving from scripture by way of command or approved example a distinct element of worship with its own divine, parameters.