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Puritan Board Junior

We are beginning a long series on public worship. Today's message begins with the the essentials of true worship.

Key text: Psalm 100

My meditations (mixed without distinction with sermon points):

The whole of our life is worship to God. It is the end of our existence. It is number one in the Christian life, and there is no more important service than attendance upon public worship. We have a body with which to vocally praise God, a will with which to desire to worship God, and a soul with which to commune with God. In every man is the instinct to worship, and He must worship something. Whoever does not worship is at the level of an animal, which does not worship. Even the Muslim worshipiing a false god is more human than an atheist.

All men worship. Every man was made to worship. When men of the world fight to acheive their goals and ambitions it is because they are worshipping something, and that something is so good, wonderful, exalted in their eyes that they must spend every ounce of energy to get it. They feel as though they would die without it, and they will give money and health to get it.

That is a sinful corruption of a human principle: our instinct to worship is a powerful one, and that instinct and drive is reserved for God only. To love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, if we did it perfectly would consume all of our being, our thoughts, our actions. It'd be unthinkable to do anything else.

If men of the world can pursue their idols with such vehemence, much more reason do I have to pursue God with a greater zeal. If only I were free from the body of death! May God enable us to give the whole of our lives in zealous worship. Much more, never to forsake the assembling of ourselves, and to worship with all our might in our assemblies.
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