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Coming Up- Covenant Radio

The next two programs on Covenant radio should be very good. I actually have read both of the books. One is a discussion with a friend of mine as described in the next quote. I ate this book up unlike others I have read lately.

Coming up on Covenant Radio


barcellosJune 17, 2010 — Richard Barcellos will join us to discuss his book The Family Tree of Reformed Biblical Theology. Dr. Barcellos has his Ph.D. from Whitefield Theological Seminary and is pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Owensboro, KY. He is also Associate Professor of New Testament Studies at the Midwest Center for Theological Studies.

The thesis of this study is that Geerhardus Vos’ biblical-theological method should be viewed as a post-Enlightenment continuation of the pre-critical federal theology of seventeenth-century Reformed orthodoxy. Vos wrote in the context of the liberalism of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His biblical-theological methodology was largely a resuscitation of the federal theology of seventeenth-century Reformed orthodoxy adapted to the times in which it was written.

Another episode (podcast) will be done with one of my Mentors Dr. Roy Blackwood and a new acquaintance of mine, Pastor Michael Lefebvre. Not sure when it will be done.


July 1, 2010 -- Michael Lefebvre and Roy Blackwood join the program to discuss the book William Symington: Penman of the Scottish Covenanters.

Publisher’s Description: This book rewards the reader in numerous ways. It is part historical theology, part systematic theology, part biblical theology, and part spiritual biography. With great acumen it distills the two major works of William Symington into easily digestible portions. But this work doesn’t simply nourish the mind; it also nourishes the soul because it unfolds the reality of the twin glories of Christ’s atoning work and boundless kingship. Finally, this book reminds us that doctrine must be lived by implicitly challenging us to follow in the faithful footsteps of men like William Symington and Roy Blackwood by seeking first the kingdom of God in every realm of our lives.

This should be a very interesting discussion and we hope you are edified by it.

Our beloved Todd K. Pedlar is a co-host of the Program along with William F. Hill Jr. The last program was done with Rev. Daniel Hyde on 'In Defense of the Descent'. Rev. Hyde is a member here and I loved his little booklet on the topic.


You can download or listen to Reverend Hyde's discussion here. New Broadcast: In Defense of the Descent- Covenant Radio

This is one of my favorite podcasts I have listened to consistently for the past few years.
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