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2 Timothy 2:24-25
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Please read the forum description for a quick overview of how this new forum will operate.

Every now and again I have to explain and then re-explain again how this board operates. This is, at the end of the day, a private discussion board operated by Admins and Mods that have very little time to moderate rhetorical excess.

If you haven't read the article on the 9th Commandment on this board then I commend it to you, especially Durham's portion on 9th Commandment violations that arise out of party spirits. It's not that I think myself above reproach in this matter. I'm a sinner like anyone else and have violated this commandment repeatedly. I've likely moderated with a party spirit.

It is, however, much easier to see a party spirit at play when you don't have a dog in the fight. There are some topics in the Reformed community where discussion goes far beyond a historical or theological discussion of the issues and they get highly personal and inflammatory. A recent thread arose where the moderators discussed at length that it was nigh impossible to moderate open discussion of a topic from a historical and theological perspective given the "water under the bridge" on the subject.

The consensus, however, is that it would be a shame to cut off discussion on some of these topics simply because the 5% of people on either extreme of the issue poison the well in the discussion and make it impossible for those who may have a genuine theological interest to avoid all the mudslinging.

Consequently, the moderators will utilize this forum as an uncategorized location to permit discussion when the topic opens a can of worms. Each post will be moderated (and potentially pared back) to allow discussion on the topic.

NOTE: I've turned off the ability to start a new thread in this forum. The purpose of this forum is for the Moderators to move threads created in other forums into this forum as they determine they will cause a lot of moderation.
Not open for further replies.