Confessional Presbyterian at PCA GA again

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Lord willing, there will be free samples of The Confessional Presbyterian journal again at the 45th PCA GA June 12-16; stop by the GPTS booth. Getting it together to send out today. There will be some copies of the most recent issue (v12; the "Sabbath" issue) and a past issue with an article on whether women should teach or have authority over men in the church. There will be far fewer copies this year so stop by early and if you are a regular subscriber already, please let those that are not get first crack! ;) There will be also the same small promotional cards with the v13 cover on them handed out. My thanks to GPTS and Dr. Willborn specifically for facilitating this. V13 is getting close and when I'm confident the main materials we plan to feature are coming in, should put that info out. I will go ahead and spill the beans on the cover subject. Attached.
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Do you want me to pass it out again? :)
The cards, by all means. There are only 28 units of the journal shipping for free sample give aways, counting two display copies which can go once the thing shuts down. I don't think that will need much encouragement and likely be gone in 5 minutes tops.
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