Comparing Idealism, Historicism and Preterism to the extent of optimism of history.

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As I am reading through Vern Poythress's book "The Returning King" in which he presents an idealistic approach to the book of Revelation, I am wondering what the relationship is of Preterism, Historicism, Idealism, Futurism to the extent of the kingdom of Christ in the "already" of the kingdom.

Is it safe to say that preteristic and historistic views of the book would allow for a more optimistic/golden age extent of the kingdom than idealism or futurism?

Is it possible to be an "optimistic amil" or a "post-mil" (whatever the difference is I can't figure out) and hold "idealism"?

It seems to me that the two would be in conflict. If the tribulation described in the apocalyptic portions of scripture is to be understood as a recurring pattern of persecution by the evil one with the conquest of God over His enemies, again and again throughout history, then would that leave any room for a golden age of many generations?

Are all post-mils either preteristic or historicists; and are all idealists amillennial?

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